Analytics about all your social employee advocates...and not just those on SociaLook

find employee brand ambassadors on social media

1. Discovery

  • Automatically find your company's employee accounts on Twitter
  • Discover your most influential advocates
  • Invite employee with a simple Tweet
  • schedule a demo

2. Background

  • Find the positions in the company and location of your employees
  • Get the distribution of accounts by followers or influence
  • See how your company fares against other companies
  • schedule a demo
employee ambassadors social analytics

employee advocates content analytics

3. Content

  • Keep track of the tweets shared by employees
  • Monitor certain URLs and hashtags
  • See the reach and engagement generated for the company
  • schedule a demo

4. Audience

  • Understand who is following your employees
  • See how employee followers compare to corporate ones
  • Find followers that meet certain criteria
  • schedule a demo
employee brand advocates followers analytics